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PRIMARILY, This Geeky Teacher is an ESL blog. Over on the blog page you’ll find posts covering English camps, worksheets, resources and general teaching posts. Here are some recommended tags: English Camp | Download and some of my top posts:

From left to right: Harry Potter Winter Camp 2017| Sleeping Elephants PPT Game | Bullet Journal Spreads for Teachers | PPT Games Part 1

ALONGSIDE my ESL posts, I also like to post about things I am interested in. The first Wednesday of every month I post “This Months Bests“, featuring all the things I’ve liked best from the month just gone. “Mixtape Mondays” will come to you every few weeks, because music, and on Friday’s you can expect anything from books, to cooking to K-Beauty! Here are some of my more popular non-ESL posts:

From left to right: Lemon Cake | A Man Lies Dreaming (spoilers) | K-Beauty: The Lips


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